Current meteorological data
Air temperature: 68.9 (°F)
20.5 (°C)
Wind speed:9 (km/h)
Wind direction: O-S-O, 122.0 °
Global radiation: 345.3 (W/m²)
Precipitation: 0.0 (ltr/m²)
(Updated: 10/15/2019, 11:00,
S-Mitte, Schwabenzentrum)
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6. Emission inventory

An emission inventory assembles air pollutants of all important man-made sources divided according to source groups. Emission inventories are an important basis for analysing the causes of pollution for the drawing up of clean air plans.

The German government, approved by the Federal Council, has enacted regulations on the drawing up of emission inventories in the 5th administrative regulation to the Federal Immission Control Act (emission inventory in polluted areas) from 30 January 1979. According to these regulations, what is to be recorded are emissions from industrial and commercial plants as well as from domestic fuel and traffic.

Emission inventories of all source groups were established for Greater Stuttgart in 1987/88 on the basis of grid spaces of 1 km2 (EMISSIONS-KATASTER MITTLERER NECKARRAUM, emission inventory for the middle Neckar region, 1989/90). Besides 39 towns and municipalities, data from the city of Stuttgart was included and this represented the first updating of the emissions firstly recorded between 1982 and 1985.


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